Patients' satisfaction as the main indicator of evaluation of the activity of Medical Organizations


  • Khatuna Jokhadze Teaching University Geomedi, Tbilisi, Georgia Author
  • Tamar Koblianidze Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi, Georgia Author



Healthcare marketing, Quality of Medical Services, Questionnaire Survey, Patient Satisfaction


In terms of economic activities, employment, development of new technologies, health care is one of the most important sectors both in the world and in Georgia. In order to achieve success in the medical services market, constant attention to the quality of medical services is essential, which makes the medical institution a market leader and a sought-after institution. In order to ensure, manage and improve the quality of healthcare services, it is necessary to continuously involve management, medical staff, patients and their relatives in the improvement of medical services, which should be part of the marketing strategy. Quality medical service is important for the patient; Their perception of the quality of medical services is subjective; Therefore, it is advisable to continuously focus on patient satisfaction research. In advanced countries, much attention is paid to the evaluation of the activities of medical organizations. This is due to the constantly changing innovative technologies of providing medical services and their cost increase.  Complications of technology lead to increased risks for patients; It should be noted that, on the one hand, there is experience in the evaluation and accreditation of healthcare organizations (JCI), and on the other hand, developed countries use certain indicators to evaluate medical institutions. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a list of recommended indicators and an evaluation method for evaluating and comparing hospital performance.

The article discusses quality assurance of healthcare services, foreign experience, indicators for evaluating the activities of medical organizations, online survey of patients' satisfaction with inpatient services in Georgian clinics. 


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